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Thank you very much for a GREAT course! I really enjoyed it and it was not as scary as i thought it would be and that is thanks to you for making it practical but effective. Tara Rudman - Ezee Sport

The whole session was very easy to follow. The trainer conducted the session in a very lively manner.  
Gary Simmons - 1 day EFAW

It was very interactive which i find helps me to remember things. Very good course professionally delivered, trainer was excellent and enthusiastic. Thank you - The facilitator was friendly and professional.
Brett Simons - 1 day EFAW

Today i attended my second day of my First Aid course at LSFA, which was brilliant. i would like to thank Steve for teaching such an amazing class and for all the useful information that i learned today while having fun. It was a great experience. Martha Jacome- 2 Day Paediatric Would like to thank The londonsfa for the best first Aid awareness lectures we had, I've learnt a lot and I've had fun while learning. I hope you will have the chance to teach others about saving lives and first aid. Thumbs up for you. Grace Alba - 2 Day Paediatric  

I just wanted to say thank you to the londonsfa. To my surprise, it was really enjoyable and has made me feel much more confident about being the named First Aider on location! Claire - TV's 'Britains Best Bake Off'

I was really dreading the first aid training: I'm squeamish (to the point of fainting in emergency situations, of which I've witnessed a couple) and the thought of sitting in a room for two days discussing blood and guts filled me with panic. So, determined to actually cope with the course, I rang the tutor (Steve) and explained my worries. He was brilliant. He said that there were others who'd felt the same but had all managed (which helped me feel a bit less silly) and that if I needed to leave the room at any point I could. He said that we wouldn't be 'doing' any blood until the afternoon of day 1 so I knew I could relax a bit in the morning without the fear of any nasty surprises.


Throughout the two days on the course, Steve regularly checked (very discreetly) that I was okay and was hugely supportive. Know what? I only left a couple of times (once for a bit on severed fingers- fair enough) and I actually enjoyed the course. I left feeling that I'd been given thorough training on all the basics.


What I didn't expect to happen was the huge amount of confidence the training gave me. In my role as a nursery manager, I dealt with several bumps (some involving blood) and illnesses calmly as I knew what to do.


Outside of work, my own daughter and a couple of her friends had the odd scrape (one on an eye lid which was a close call on whether a bit of glue was needed or not!) which I coped with well too. These would've instilled panic in me before training. 


The most notable incident though was when I was actually walking into work one day and found a moped rider lying in the middle of the road having been knocked off by a driver. There was a small group of witnesses surrounding the casualty and when I asked what had happened, had an ambulance been called (yes) and was anyone a first aider, I was met with head shakes. I said I was first aid trained and you could see the relief on everyone's faces. 'Oh heck', I thought, but instinct kicked in, I ensured the casualty was going to keep completely still, asked him if he had any pain, performed a full top to toe check (praying that there was no blood, of course : ) ) and was able to hand over to the paramedics when they arrived. The guy was okay, thankfully and I was happy to have been able to help. 


I cannot recommend Londonsfa first aid courses highly enough! The training has honestly made a difference to my life and I've hopefully been able to make a difference to others.


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Thank you for an amazing 2 day Pediatric First Aid Course in Wimbledon this week. Our group of child minders, nannies and after school child carers enjoyed learning with you and you kept us motivated, inspired and amused for two days! We all left today with more knowledge and a sound understanding of First Aid and much more confident in our roles and environments. Thank you Angela

Just attended a First Aid course instructed by Steve from LSFA. The course was excellent and extremely informative. Even though it was a beautiful, sunny day outside, inside we were having fun (but still learning!!!) mostly owing to the fact that Steve was such a great instructor and very entertaining. Thank you LSFA for a great and informative session! Ally Hunt

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